JNB Trucking P.O. Box 41088
Eugene, OR 97404
ph. 541-344-4930
fax: 541-344-4337
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Dump Trucks


Customer service is our specialty, whether hauling a single load or multiple loads of forest by-products from your mill. Our bin info system can monitor your bin levels remotely. This system, allows us to know when you need a truck before you do! Our trucks are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.


Our fleet of chip trucks can handle all your hauling needs. Our walking-floor trailers can unload virtually anywhere - whether from your bunker or loaded by one of our loaders. Let us show you what customer service can be.


JNB Chip Fleet hauls over 200 thousand tons of material annually, and over 75% of that material is recycled!


Give us a call or go to our Get A Quote page and let us get started working for you!

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