JNB Trucking P.O. Box 41088
Eugene, OR 97404
ph. 541-344-4930
fax: 541-344-4337
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Founded in Eugene, OR in 1995, JNB has built its fine reputation and expanded its business by making sure everything we do honors our commitment to be the best possible trucking company for our valued customers and employees.

Whether it’s on our own company trucks, or utilizing our trusted carriers, JNB capitalizes on our 18-year history as a well-respected and growing trucking company to customize transportation solutions here in the northwest or anywhere throughout the United States.

JNB manages each shipment from pick up to delivery. We dispatch the shipments, coordinate pickup and delivery appointments, and monitor transit to ensure an on-time and damage free delivery. Further, we are able to provide our customers with proactive email notifications throughout the shipping cycle for added peace of mind. 


JNB continually monitors each carrier to ensure they adhere to all safety, regulatory and insurance requirements. This practice enables us to contract with only safe, qualified carriers that are held to the same high standards we have for own trucks and drivers.


JNB offers a broad array of products and the flexibility to help our customers bring their product to market. If you need it moved, we have a solution for you.

“I have found JNB to be an outstanding performer for over 15 years providing flexibility and reliability to very difficult transportation assignments while consistently operating at a high level of professionalism.” - Jeff Walton, Fiber Manager, Cascade Pacific Pulp


“What We Value”

  • Customer Focus – What’s important is You
  • Integrity – It all starts here for us, and is the key for our success
  • Honesty – For your peace of mind and ours
  • Safety – We hold ourselves to the highest standards
  • Quality – Getting the job done right
  • Loyalty – Ongoing business is “earned” on a daily basis
  • Corporate Citizenship – We treat our customers, employees, community and environment with respect